Sustaining member of BCCG

As sustaining member of the British Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Windel & Partner supports as follows:          

  • Customer Service Organization in Germany
    Have your address and telephone-line in Germany and a German speaking Customer Service Representative who knows your products and takes care of everything from
    „order to cash“ for a very reasonable price on retainer basis
  • Set Up of a Subsidiary and Acquisitions
    * The best way to be present in Germany is to have your own operation! Dr. Windel & Partner selects suitable locations
    * Checks all necessary contracts together with a lawyer and arranges all necessary and required permissions and certificates
    * Recruits all necessary personnel for that subsidiary
    * Prepares an acquisition together with a broker or a bank
  • Providing all administrative services of your German Subsidiary necessary for running a German GmbH such as
    * bookkeeping and preparing all necessary reporting
    * administration of personnel (signing contracts as well as their termination)
    * taking care of all legal requirements
    * execution of your decisions according the German law and regulations